About Mike


  • A Christian
  • A Husband
  • A Daddy
  • A Daddy
  • A Daddy
  • A Daddy
  • A SQL Server Consultant
  • A SQL Server MVP
  • A backyard chicken farmer
  • A little more lazy than I should be
  • Getting frustrated with labels, parties and denominations (more in the content here perhaps)

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2 thoughts on “About Mike

  1. Malcolm Widness

    Hey Mike
    We spoke a few times when I was a headhunter. I’m a pastor now at a Christian church in Derry, NH. I came across this article you posted on immigrants here on LI and wanted to compliment you on it. It’s well written, and I agree with most of it. We have to protect our nation and screen people we let in, we have to be fair to the many who come here through the long, costly, legal route, but we also have to show Christian love to immigrants as well, and that doesn’t get preached enough in conservative, Bible believing churches. Keep up the good work! God bless your home, wife and kids, and bless your professionally.


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