A Juxtaposition in Two Videos

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in America. We celebrate family, what we have to be thankful for, we spend time with family, we pause for thanks. We eat turkey. We relax.

Then the next day a lot of folks here go shopping. Or that night. And they fight for more stuff. Sometimes for themselves, sometimes for others.

There’s nothing wrong with that. And it’s good to see folks in retail have work to do. But these two videos paint a difference of cultures…

America at a lot of shopping malls this week:


A woman living in the Omo Valley in Ethiopia – she spends her day fetching water for her household. One of the 660 Million or so people without easy access to clean drinking water:


I’m not saying don’t shop this Christmas. But –  Check out Living Water or Charity Water and see how you can make a difference.

Various estimates exist for solving the world’s water crisis. The number is probably somewhere between $10 Billion and $30 Billion.

On Black Friday? We’ll spend somewhere around $51 Billion…

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