A Tale of Two Worlds…

This past week at the PASS Summit was perhaps the most meaningful PASS Summit experience I’ve had yet in a lot of ways. The diagnosis I blogged about has me with a new outlook and perspective (another post later for that – in short – I hope it continues and doesn’t go away as it all settles in and goes to “new normal”). So many great conversations. So much encouragement. So many friends. So many conversations with folks praising God in much deeper valleys.

The biggest shift I’ve noticed just in this first week besides the peace and contentment I blogged about in the earlier post, is a more acute reality of just what a vapor this life is. We are temporary creatures and we are all in it together. Our days are numbered and the priorities should shift as a result.

Add to that a sense that I’ve had building in me, and I got into a little on my guest post on Pinal’s Blog  , that we have discrepancies in this world we oughtn’t to have. We also seem to have the money, the talents, the technology and the innovation to do something about that in ways that are fresh and new and feel more possible than at other times.

I don’t have an answer here. You could accuse me of saying the common refrain from politicians on either side of some aisle – a sort of brain dead, soundbite refrain of, do something!”.. That’s a fair accusation. I’m not proposing answers here. But I do know the answers are there. I do know the communities out there innovating an using data to do amazing things are creative an solve first world business problems easily and readily. And I know the story I’m going to share is true.

Is this the greatest need facing the world? As far as eternity goes, I would say not at all. But I’m also a fan of common grace. God causes the rain to fall on the just and unjust alike. We aren’t islands in this world. We should be here for each other.

In this post? I’m just introducing a thought with a quick story.. We can all help in a different way and place. Get inspired. Go do something.

A Diaper Genie and A Real Need

I was talking to a really good friend who lives out this way. He and his girlfriend have cats. They hate the smell of the litter box. So they bought a diaper genie. A neat contraption to hide the waste and smell of diapers. It is a trash compaction and collection system. It’s neat. And he loves it.

Well the other day – in the afternoon or evening he realized that they used the last bag. Oh crud! he thought. He’d have to do it the old fashioned way and let the smell spread. But then he went to Amazon. He ordered his replacement bags and he selected the 1-2 hour shipping available in his region..

In two hours he went from having a need. For something that is hard to find in some brick and mortar stores. To having it. In under two hours.

That’s fine and great and there is nothing wrong with it at all.

But. Halfway around the world that same day he did that – a teenage girl aged out of an orphanage. And she had an inadequate education. And she became statistically likely to become a trafficking victim sometime soon… A family was holding a vigil over a dying baby with a distended belly because of hunger – hunger at a time where we have more than enough food to fee the world most likely..  At the same time, a woman with no educational opportunities or freedom was in fear for her future – knowing she had no chance or choices because she wasn’t afforded an education. Someplace else, another family was going through a long walk to collect dirty, poisoned water a couple hour’s journey away.

We Have the Right Stuff..

We can fix these problems. Together. Many people are. But this generation has the tools, time, money and innovative ideas to solve these problems.

Let’s figure out how. So much more in future posts. So much more. We’re all in it together.

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